Mercedes-Benz will use a screen of almost five feet in the EQS

The new Mercedes-Benz EQS , the flagship of the star’s signature electric range , will feature the new MBUX Hyperscreen system , a wide, curved screen that occupies virtually the entire width of the front panel between the left and right A-pillars, from the that almost all vehicle systems will be controlled thanks to an interface that is supported by a revolutionary artificial intelligence technology .

It has software capable of learning from the user himself , being able to offer personalized suggestions for entertainment, comfort and vehicle functions. With an intuitive operation, the user does not have to navigate in submenus or give voice commands. The most important applications and functions always appear optimally in terms of situation and context . In this way the use by the driver is simplified to the maximum. And not just for the driver: the new MBUX Hyperscreen is also an assistant for the front passenger. It has its own display and system control, and with up to seven user profiles to enjoy maximum comfort .

In this way the MBUX System (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) radically simplifies the use and operation of a Mercedes-Benz. Introduced in 2018 in the A-Class , there are now more than 1.8 million Mercedes-Benz on the road that equip this system. A few months ago, the second generation of the operating system was introduced, debuting with the new S-Class . The next big step is the possibility to optionally incorporate the MBUX Hyperscreen in the new EQS .

The MBUX system proactively displays the correct functions at the right time , using artificial intelligence. The interpretation system is sensitive and is continually optimizing itself against changes in user behavior and external factors. The German firm has investigated the behavior of use in its MBUX, and has found that in most cases of use they are limited to the categories of Navigation, Radio, Media and Telephony, so they are always in the center of the screen .

The system offers more than 20 functions , from the active massage system to the birthday reminder, but also suggestions for “to-do list” reminder lists , all of which are offered automatically and at the right time with the help of the artificial intelligence.

In the new MBUX Hyperscreen, various screens converge in an integrative way, resulting in an impressive curved screen with a total dimension of 141 cm and an experience area of ​​2,432 square centimeters .

The curved main glass screen has been molded at a temperature of approximately 650ºC. This process allows a distortion-free view throughout regardless of the viewing angle. Two coatings on the screen reduce glare and make cleaning easy. The curved glass shade is made from aluminum silicate and is scratch-proof.

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