Amazon eases working conditions in its warehouses after damning report on accidents

The accident rate at Amazon “is almost 80% higher than for all other employers with warehouses in the year 2020” , according to the report.

Amazon  forced to review its working conditions in the United States . The e-commerce giant announced Tuesday, June 1, an easing of controls on its employees after the publication the same day of a damning new report on workplace accidents in its American warehouses, known for their infernal rates.

The system called “Time off Task” (“time not worked”), which measures the productivity of each worker, is particularly singled out. Many employees and associations accuse this method of causing unnecessary stress, for example by not leaving enough time to go to the toilet. Amazon said on  Tuesday that workers will now have more time to take breaks.

Nearly 6% of workers in sorting centers are victims of an accident at work

According to the study, nearly 6% of workers in the company’s sorting centers were victims of an accident last year which forced them to temporarily stop or take a different, less restrictive position. physically. “This rate is almost 80% higher than for all other employers with warehouses in the year 2020” , explains  a coalition of unions in the report.

Relaxing the warehouse scheduling control system should make it possible to return “to its primary objective” , which is to “understand if there are problems with the tools that people use to be productive, and only secondly. to identify less efficient employees ,  assures Dave Clark, head of global operations, in a letter to his teams.

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