What are Jeff Bezos’ plans after Amazon?

Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, stepped down as CEO of Amazon on July 5. The multi-billionaire entrusts the keys of his business to Andy Jassy, ​​to devote himself to other projects.

It is confirmed, J eff Bezos is retiring from his  post of general manager  of the company Amazon . A company he had created in 1994 and which is now a staple of e-commerce: 1.700 billion dollars on the stock market , 800,000 employees in the United States and nearly 1.3 million employees worldwide. Last February, he had already mentioned the idea of ​​his departure in a letter sent to all his employees and accessible on the  official Amazon blog . And if at the origin, this change of post was to be done next October, it is finally in early July that the CEO made his announcement. 

He therefore leaves his “baby” in the hands of  Andy Jassy  – although he still keeps a foothold at Amazon, since he is still at the head of the board of directors. He said in his letter that it was by no means a retirement: “Being CEO of Amazon is a big responsibility, and it is very demanding. When you have such responsibilities, it is difficult to concentrate on something else “.

A lunar dream that comes to life

And among the things to which he wishes to devote himself, there is the conquest of space . Indeed, Jeff Bezos is preparing for the very first manned flight in space. Organized by its space company Blue Origin, founded in 2000, the ten-minute flight will be on board the New Shepard rocket. 

Four travelers will be there: Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark, but also  Wally Funk , the oldest woman to travel in space  and a last passenger whose seat was sold for 28 million dollars at auction. last June . Scheduled for July 20, the flight will be on the anniversary of Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon and will be the first sightseeing trip to space. 

A philanthropist?

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