Covid-19: Mayor Lr Of Metz Judges Jean Castex’s Words To Be “Very Contemptuous” Of Elected Officials

François Grosdidier reacted to the words of the Prime Minister who had swept during his press briefing the proposal of local elected officials to set up a “hard and immediate confinement”

The LR mayor of Metz François Grosdidier, who has spoken out on numerous occasions in favor of local and “strong” re-containment in Moselle, on Thursday deemed “very contemptuous” the words of Prime Minister Jean Castex with regard to elected.

  • “I find the Prime Minister’s words very contemptuous of elected officials,” he said, reacting to the head of government press conference held earlier.

“It’s really to disguise and caricature the words”

Before announcing a “reinforced surveillance” of 20 departments including Moselle where the South African variant is rife, Jean Castex had mentioned those who call for “hard and immediate confinement” by claiming that “four weeks and then we are rid of” virus. “Unfortunately, especially because of the spread of variants, it’s far from being so simple,” he said.

  • “It’s really to disguise and caricature the words,” said François Grosdidier. “There are a number of us asking for local and strong reconfigurations to put the brake on because all the curfew measures that have been taken, even advanced curfews have never reversed the trend,” said the Minister. mayor of Metz.

“We are simply declared as placed under surveillance”

The only time “the trend has been reversed in the country is during the first confinement,” he said. “Now, we are simply told that we are in the 20 departments placed under surveillance. As if we were not previously,” he quipped.

  • “In Nice, they invented the two-day confinement since it is only the weekend. And it is useless and it will not hold,” he said. Thus, according to François Grosdidier, “it will still last for months and our fellow citizens will not endure it without having rapid health effects”.

For his part, the PS mayor of Nancy, Mathieu Klein called for all the 20 departments placed under reinforced surveillance, including Meurthe-et-Moselle, for “additional means of vaccination” so that the campaign is ” more massive and faster “for” the whole population “.

  • “If I were today in a territory with an incidence rate of 300, 400, 500, yes of course I would be annoyed for many days at the lack of a decision,” added Mathieu Klein.
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