Coronavirus: the English variant also affects pets

SEEN IN THE PRESS – In Texas, scientists have discovered the presence of the English variant of the coronavirus in a dog and a cat. They were both reportedly infected by their owners.

The Covid-19 spares no one, not even pets. American scientists recently found that certain variants of the virus could also infect our faithful companions , in this case the English variant.

The Texas A&M University Department of Veterinary Medicine is behind this new discovery. As part of a project to understand the transmission of  Covid-19  between humans and animals, researchers approached the owner of a  dog  and a cat, affected by the English variant of the coronavirus. The scientists then took samples from the two animals and detected traces of the same  variant , reports  Futura-Sciences . 

Their owner claims they had only a slight symptom, small episodes of sneezing . Texan researchers concluded that  the beasts were contaminated by their master . They therefore recommend to be cautious in the event of a positive test and to ” keep away from pets (…) in order to prevent the transmission of the virus to animals”, explains Dr. Casey Barton Behravesh, director of the One Health Office at the CDC .

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