Coronavirus in the United States: $ 3.2 billion invested to develop a treatment

The US government announced Thursday, June 17, the launch of a vast research program to fight the virus from the first symptoms.

While the world is not done with the pandemic, the United States is trying to be one step ahead. They are thus launching a vast research program to develop a treatment and save tens of thousands of lives, announced the Minister of Health on Thursday, June 17. For this, the authorities are putting the package together: $ 3.2 billion in investment to manufacture a pill capable of fighting the coronavirus at the start of the infection. For the development of the vaccine, the country had already spent 18 billion dollars.

Scientists start from a simple observation. Many viruses like the flu, hepatitis C, and even the AIDS virus   are treated with medication. It must therefore be possible to create a pill for coronaviruses before they become dangerous or even fatal. According to Dr. Fauci, one day you can open your medicine cabinet and take a pill to block the infection if you test positive, or if you develop symptoms. The doctor knows what he is talking about, his institute participated in the discovery of the first antivirals to treat patients with the virus in the 90s.

The program announced Thursday should make it possible to speed up clinical trials of drugs that would already be promising. The first pills could then be ready by the end of the year , but in reality, antivirals were tested in hospitals from the start of the pandemic. These were only administered to patients suffering from a severe form of the  coronavirus , which a posteriori was not the right method.

Only one effective antivirus for the moment

Now scientists know the best time to block the coronavirus is the first days of illness , when the virus is replicating rapidly and the immune system has yet to organize its defense. 

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