Vaccination obligation, return of the mask… How the United States is organizing itself in the face of the Delta variant

For a regime based on militarism, the Italian military capabilities left much to be desired, as shown in a book on the armed forces of the Peninsula between 1935 and 1943.

Overwhelmed by vaccine coverage that is still insufficient and uneven across its territory, the United States is facing an epidemic resurgence linked to the Delta variant, which is largely the majority. Joe Biden raised his voice to urge vaccination.

While America barely tastes the pleasure of the “summer of freedom” promised by Joe Biden a few weeks ago, the country is worried about the dawning of a new epidemic wave. After having vaccinated hard, the pace has slowed since the end of April, and the good American student of the first quarter of 2021 has not confirmed during the second. It has even been doubled by several European countries, including France, in proportion of inhabitants vaccinated. Faced with the threat of the Delta variant, Joe Biden has therefore announced new measures.

The US president conceded Thursday that the country “[was] not completely out of the woods”. From now on, millions of federal employees will either have to be vaccinated or comply with a series of constraints, announced the White House. Unvaccinated federal employees will be required to wear the mask even in areas where Covid-19 circulation is low, and to undergo regular tests, once or twice a week. They will also be limited in their movements.

“I know people talk about freedom,” but “with freedom comes responsibility,” said Joe Biden, who until now refused to introduce binding measures for vaccination. Several large corporations have followed the Democrat’s footsteps. Uber, in particular, decided Thursday to make vaccination compulsory for its employees who come to offices in the United States. The day before, Google and Facebook had made similar announcements. The US president also urged local authorities to pay $ 100 to any new person getting vaccinated, drawing on emergency funds released to deal with the pandemic.

Why is the vaccination not progressing?

As in other countries, the American vaccination curve has been on a rising plateau since the end of April. The many incentive measures deployed across the country were not enough to revive the pace in order to reach a threshold corresponding to collective immunity. The United States still faces two limits:

  • A vaccination rate still too low among the black and Hispanic communities, that the columnist Paul Krugman, of the New York Times, explains by a “lack of information and of confidence” of a part of these populations.
  • And above all a lower adherence to vaccination in the Republican States. Within the counties, “there is a strong negative correlation between the share of the vote for Donald Trump in 2020 and the vaccination rate”, writes Paul Krugman, who deplores a “crisis of the red states”, the color of the Republican Party. According to a recent poll, 47% of Republicans say they are against vaccination while this figure is only 6% among Democrats.

In fact, many Republican officials and elected officials recently joined the concert of calls for vaccination. But not Donald Trump, whom the Biden administration does not intend to beg. “We’ve seen pretty much all of the former presidents make public statements to make sure people understand the vaccine is safe and effective. You don’t need to receive a calligraphy invitation card to join this movement,” White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki recently said.

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