NASA: the American rover Perseverance has landed on Mars

NASA confirmed this Thursday, February 18, the landing of the Perseverance rover on Martian soil after seven months of travel. This success marks the beginning of a mission lasting several years.

The Perseverance rover landed on Martian soil after seven months of travel, the US space agency announced on Thursday (February 18th). It is a resounding success for NASA, which marks the beginning of a mission of several years.

“Landing confirmed!”. It is, in these terms, that exclaimed Swati Mohan, in charge of the control of the operations. From the control room of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory , in Pasadena, California , the teams present exploded with joy at the time of confirmation. 

The possible landing zone is  7.7 kilometers by 6.6 kilometers wide , in the  crater of Jezero . This is where  scientists  believe a lake was, 3.5 billion years ago. Today, they hope to find traces of ancient life.

Perseverance is only the fifth rover to set foot on Martian soil. Since the first, in 1997 , they have all been  Americans , and one of them, Curiosity , is still active elsewhere on the Red Planet .

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