United States: the Capitol again on alert because of a crazy QAnon theory

For several weeks, voices within the QAnon conspiracy movement have claimed that March 4 would be the date of Donald Trump’s “real” inauguration.

Always on the lookout for signs from their champion, the QAnon conspirators also believed to find, during the month of February, a clue to corroborate their theory. In Washington, the Trump International Hotel has effectively increased its prices by 180% for its cheapest room, for the nights of March 3 and 4, reports Forbes . Some, the most expensive, even reached $ 8,000, even more than the rates observed during the actual inauguration of Trump in 2016. The operation would have worked: the hotel would be full, tonight. What to inflate a little more this incredible story that some public figures still have trouble thinking that it represents a danger. 

On Monday, congressional security official Timothy Blodgett (“Acting Sergeant at Arms”) delivered a message to parliamentarians to inform them that he was monitoring information “related to March 4 and possible protests surrounding what some are calling “the real day of the inauguration.” “The importance of this date has apparently diminished among different groups in recent days,” he stressed, however, in an email published by American media.

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