Digital artwork sold for $ 69.3 million at auction

A fully digital work by American artist Beeple was sold Thursday for $ 69.3 million by the auction house Christie’s.

This is a record that testifies to the revolution underway in this long confidential market. This Thursday, Everydays: the First 5.000 Days, a fully digital work by American artist Beeple, was sold on Thursday for $ 69.3 million by auction house Christie’s. It is an assembly of drawings and animations produced daily for 5,000 days in a row , explains the artist whose real name is Mike Winkelmann,

“Shit then”, responded Mike Winkelmann on his Twitter account after the close of the sale, which will have lasted two weeks in total. Second record, some 22 million Internet users followed the last minutes of the sale on the Christie’s site , for what was the first sale of a fully digital work by a major auction house.

39-year-old Mike Winkelmann was known for his digital projects and collaborations, but before the end of October, he had never sold a work in his name. Thursday’s sale illustrates the rise of a new authentication technology, using the “blockchain” used  for cryptocurrencies , presented as a miracle cure for copies, one of the brakes on the development of digital art.

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