United States: rescuers explain at the bar that George Floyd was dead on their arrival

On the fourth day of the trial of the police officer accused of being behind the death of George Floyd, the first rescuers to arrive testified Thursday.

The testimony continues. The first paramedic arrived to rescue African-American George Floyd told Thursday April 1 in court in Minneapolis to have found him dead, with several police officers “on him” . “When I arrived he was dead, and when I dropped him off at the hospital he was still in cardiac arrest ,  said Derek Smith on day four of the murder trial of police officer Derek Chauvin.

“The officers were still on him when I approached,” said rescuer Derek Smith, who immediately looked for the African American’s pulse in the carotid artery. “I couldn’t find any, I thought the patient was dead.” Once in the ambulance, a machine confirmed that his heart rate was “flat,” added his colleague Zachary Bravinder. “It means that the heart was not pumping blood, it is not a good sign …”

The efforts of the rescuers remained in vain

The two men tried to resuscitate him. “He was a human being, I tried to give him a second chance,” said Derek Smith. But their efforts were in vain. Derek Chauvin, who faces 40 years in prison, pleads not guilty in this case which has sparked giant demonstrations against racism and police violence from New York to Seattle, but also Tokyo, Paris and Sydney.

His lawyer, Eric Nelson, assures us that he did not cause the death of George Floyd and that the latter succumbed to an overdose. The official autopsy did find traces of fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid, in the body of the African American but identified “compression of the neck” as the cause of death.

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