Gay rights activist Frank Kameny celebrated by Google

Frank Kameny is honored by Google, which dedicated its doodle of the day to him. The activist, who died in 2011, is notably known for having repealed a law that classified homosexuality as a mental illness.

On the occasion of the month of pride , the pride month in English, begins as each June, Google made the choice to honor the activist for gay rights, Frank Kameny. In the Wednesday June 2 doodle, he is in front of the White House,  a flower necklace around his neck , in reference to the outfit he wore during Pride in 2010.

American Frank Kameny, who died in 2011 at the age of 86, remains today an icon of the LGBT struggle . His fight began in 1957, when the army dismissed him because of his sexual orientation, when he had fought in  World War II . As recalled by our colleagues at Le  Point , one of his main feats of arms dates from 1973, when he had the law which included homosexuality in the list of mental illnesses, repealed . 

Finally, in 2009, two years before his death, Frank Kameny took revenge on what prevented him from continuing his military career. He sits alongside then-US President  Barack Obama when the latter repeals the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” law. This text urged homosexuals not to reveal their sexual orientation to the army, under penalty of being fired.

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