Niagara Falls is partially frozen, and it’s magical

A rainbow is even invited in this sumptuous winter landscape.

WINTER – It takes some to freeze 3,160 tonnes of water per second. The cold wave that is raging in North America froze part of the mythical Niagara Falls in ice  this Sunday, February 21,  as you can see in the video at the top of this article .

An event that can only take place if the outside temperatures fall below -5 ° C. A rainbow even came to sublimate this already captivatingly beautiful landscape.

Only part of the falls seem to resist physics and continue to flow. Once in their history, the “Canadian Falls” froze completely: it was March 29, 1848, when an ice dam prevented the lake from irrigating the falls.

Although unforgettable for those who witness this magical event, it is not so rare for Niagara Falls to find itself partially frozen by ice.


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