Burma: new sanctions against the junta, protests continue

As the bloody crackdown on protests continues in Burma, the United States in particular on Thursday unveiled a new set of sanctions against the Burmese military to punish it for the February 1 coup.

Call for a global embargo on arms deliveries, closed meeting of the UN Security Council, new American sanctions: international pressure is intensifying on the Burmese junta, still deaf to criticism in the face of the escalation of its crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators still in the streets, Friday March 5.

At least 38 people, according to the UN – heaviest toll since the coup of 1 st February – were killed Wednesday by security forces, who fired live ammunition at protesters rallies, encouraging new international protests .

In a report released Thursday, Thomas Andrews, an independent expert commissioned by the UN, underlines that “even if the future of Burma is determined by its people, the international community must act urgently and decisively to support it” .

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