United States: how Joe Biden intends to curb the proliferation of firearms

LIGHTING – The American president wants to fight against the scourge of firearms in the country, through six measures. Explanations.

Joe Biden is tackling an “epidemic”: those of firearms. To do this, the US president unveiled on Thursday measures to limit their proliferation  in the United States, where shootings are a real scourge.

Such a fatal illustration of this evil that no government has so far managed to stem,  a new shooting broke out in Texas  just hours after the speech of the Democrat, leaving at least one dead and several injured. 

“Gun violence in this country is an epidemic, it’s an international disgrace,” blasted the US president. But how does Joe Biden plan to go about curbing over-the-counter firearms across the country? Through  six decrees,  admittedly, of reduced scope. 

Prohibit their access to “people in crisis”

The first of these measures is aimed at combating “ghost weapons”, which are handcrafted, sometimes with a 3D printer, and do not have a serial number. Then the rules for certain handguns equipped with a stabilizer attachment attached to the shooter’s arm, a device used in a recent massacre in Colorado, will also be tightened.

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