Mother’s Day 2021: why do the dates differ depending on the country?


LIGHTING – All over the world, Mother’s Day takes place on the 2nd Sunday in May. In France, it is celebrated each year at the end of May or the beginning of June depending on the date of Pentecost.

This year, Mother’s Day will take place this  Sunday, May 30.  Last year it was June 7th. In France, each year, it takes place on the last Sunday in May unless this coincides with Pentecost. If so, it is postponed to the first Sunday in June. But when does it fall in other countries and why is the date different?

In Belgium, the United States, Canada, Austria, Germany, Brazil, China, Croatia and many other countries, it has already taken place. It was Sunday May 9th. In most countries,  Mother’s Day  takes place on the second Sunday in May . 

The date was imposed by the United States, Mother’s Day was set up by an American, Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for a mother’s day. In 1905, she had pushed her state of Virginia to celebrate mothers on the second Sunday in May. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson formalized it . Other countries have followed suit, such as Germany and Canada. France did not follow the American tradition, because the second Sunday in May is dedicated to  Joan of Arc . It is May 24, 1950 that the last Sunday in May will become the official date. 

In contrast, in the UK and Ireland, it is celebrated three weeks before  Easter , in mid-March. In the 16th century,  the faithful had the obligation to go to their “mother” church , that is to say the closest cathedral or important church in their area of ​​residence. Finally, in several countries of the Middle East, Mother’s Day takes place during the March equinox.  

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