United States: Lubrizol chemicals factory catches fire, surrounding residents evacuated

This site, located in Illinois, is part of the Chemtool group, a subsidiary of the American company Lubrizol.

A plume of black smoke rising several hundred meters high and detonations. This frightening spectacle is reminiscent of the fire at a Lubrizol factory in  Rouen in September 2019 . Monday June 14, at 7 am (local time), a chemical plant of the Chemtool group, a subsidiary of the American company Lubrizol, caught fire near Rockton (Illinois), in the center of the United States.

The authorities ordered the evacuation of residents and traders located within a radius of 1.6 km. Some 150 firefighters have been deployed to the scene, according to the city’s firefighting chief. “I am not in a position to tell you now how long it will take to bring the fire under control ,” he said at a press conference. The causes of this fire are not known at this stage but  “all our employees are safe and sound,” according to the company.

The plant that caught fire belongs to the Chemtool group, a subsidiary of the American company Lubrizol, indicted in France after a gigantic fire in Rouen in 2019 in which nearly 10,000 tons of chemicals burned. Lubrizol reacted to the new incident by specifying that it was working with US federal agencies and experts to monitor possible air and water pollution. A stream, the Rock River, crosses the site.

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