Afghanistan: the possible return to power of the Taliban

The Taliban could take back power in Afghanistan. A possible scenario that worries some nations.

In Afghanistan, since the withdrawal of American troops, the Taliban have reinvested vast rural areas and claim to control 90% of the country’s borders. Faced with their possible coming to power, some countries such as China have decided to receive certain representatives. The Chinese government fears an alliance between Afghan Islamists and Muslim Uyghur separatists, considered terrorists by Beijing. These are therefore guarantees that China has asked the Taliban for.

Afghan President calls out to the international community

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani sent a strong message to the international community about the possible coming to power of the Taliban. “These are not 20th century Taliban from isolated religious schools, but an offshoot of terrorist networks from transnational criminal organizations ,” he said. For its part, India is also worried about the situation, because the Taliban are close to the Pakistani Islamists. “An Afghan state which does not respect the rights of its people, an Afghan state which commits atrocities against its people would become a pariah state” , announces Antony Blinken, Secretary of State of the United States, on a visit to New Delhi (India ).

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