Coronavirus: DJ Paul Johnson (“Get Get Down”) died at 50

The artist and House legend died on August 4, 2021 after being put on life support.

Paul Johnson, legendary House DJ, died on August 4, 2021 at the age of 50. The artist known for his title Get Get Down released in 1999, died of the coronavirus. The announcement of his death was posted on his official Facebook page.

“Our greatness passed away this morning [of August 4, editor’s note] at 9 am The legend of house music that we all know as PJ alias Paul Johnson is deceased”, can we read in the message illustrated by a video of the artist. The latter had posted on his  Instagram account  a video, two weeks ago, which had shaken his community. He was indeed on an artificial respirator. The Guardian  specifies that he had been admitted “in intensive care”. 

Paul Johnson began his career behind the turntables in 1985 . Two years later, he was the victim of an accidental gunshot in the shoulder which caused him to lose the use of his leg. He therefore uses a wheelchair. In 2003, he had his injured leg amputated . In 2010 after a car accident, he had his other leg amputated, as reported by the  Huffington Post .

The late DJ and producer, who started out as a break dancer, became a key figure in the second wave of Chicago house music in the mid 1990s, and was the first name mentioned on record by Daft Punk as one of their Teachers.

Get Get Down reached number five in the UK chart and was a club anthem.

Johnson had been shot in 1987 and his injured leg was later amputated. He lost his other leg in 2010 following a car accident.

In an interview in 2014, he said: “I never think about me when I’m spinning – just the people who are dancing.

“The crappy life I’ve had health wise, that’s been nothing, man. That’s just been a shadow to what I’ve been doing, I don’t even see it, nobody sees it. It’s all about the music.”

House music legend DJ Paul Johnson died Wednesday, weeks after being hospitalized with coronavirus. He was 50.

Johnson’s agents and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed his death, which also was announced on his Facebook page.

Johnson, best known for his 1999 hit “Get Get Down,” was a fixture on the House circuit since the mid-’80s. He started as a 13-year-old DJ before becoming a revered producer and creating his own House label, Dust Traxx. Recently, Johnson was spinning regularly at Le Nocturne in Uptown.

The Chicago native enjoyed global success, playing venues across six continents.

Johnson was admitted to Little Company of Mary Hospital in suburban Evergreen Park in mid-July, a week after being diagnosed. He then was placed on a ventilator, which he chronicled on his Instagram page.

Last week, longtime friends said Johnson was improving and breathing on his own. Friends had been focusing on his recovery and were rallying around him to support him through his health setback.

In a statement Wednesday, Johnson’s agents said he died of complications from COVID and asked for privacy for his family.

“Initially hospitalized on July 17, Paul Johnson fought up until the very end,” the statement read. “His death comes as a shock to family and fans alike.

“Paul’s charismatic spirit made him a friend to many and an inspiration to all. The Johnson family is devastated, the outpouring of support has been tremendous and for that they are grateful.”

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