United States: Donald Trump would return to power this Thursday, according to a conspiracy thesis

According to a conspiracy thesis, supported by thousands of Americans, Donald Trump should return to power this Thursday, March 4. On this occasion, the Trump Hotel even increased its prices.

Let us return this morning to the last conspiracy theory to date from the United States. Americans are convinced that this Thursday, March 4, is the day Donald Trump will finally regain power . A far-fetched theory, yes, but one that spreads enough for security measures to be tightened in Washington. 

Today,  the billionaire  is set to become the 19th President of the United States . Yet there are already 46   US presidents . This is the whole principle of this far-right conspiracy, taken up by  the Qanon sect , which has caused a lot of talk. According to them, in 1871, a law was passed secretly making the country a corporation. The conspirators then hijacked this law that established the District of Columbia , where Washington is located. 

They argue that not all the presidents who were elected after the text was voted on are legitimate, that is, all the presidents after Ulysses Grant , who was the 18th president of the  United States . This is why Donald Trump must come back as the savior to be the 19th American president. 

A date not chosen at random

Why the date of March 4? Before 1933, before Franklin Roosevelt,  presidents were sworn in not on January 20, but on March 4 . March 4 would therefore be the actual date of the investiture. The vice-president would already be appointed: it would be Mike Pompeo, the former secretary of state. 

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