Texas Democrats sabotage Republicans’ passage of new election law

In Texas, the elected Democrats sabotaged, Sunday, May 30, the adoption of a new electoral law in this southern state of the United States. This restricts, for example, the possibilities of voting by mail. For the conservatives, this law aims to make the elections more secure, but according to President Biden and the Democrats, it is an “attack on democracy”. In any case, the coup of the Democrats, preventing the vote scheduled for last night, took the Republicans by surprise.

At around 10:30 p.m. (local time), the elected Democrats all received a message from their president in the House, asking them to leave the Parliament before the vote which was imperative to take place before midnight. Without a necessary quorum and with the deadline passed, the session had to be adjourned. But it could resume tomorrow Tuesday, according to Republican Governor Greg Abbot who does not want to let go of his flagship project: to introduce many restrictions, for example by banning drive-in voting and limiting postal voting.

Remove Sunday as a voting day

The bill, which has already been passed by the Texas Senate, also seeks to remove Sunday as a voting day, a day traditionally enjoyed by the African-American community, which is rather pro-Democrat. According to the Democrats, these measures are intended to dissuade minorities from voting, in this state which could switch from a Republican stronghold to a Swing State .

Making the ballot safer

The Conservatives reply that it is about making the ballot more secure. Many of them continue to say that the last presidential election was marred by fraud. These same arguments have already been used by other Republican states like Georgia to restrict access to the vote.

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