United States: Facebook suspends Donald Trump’s account for 2 years

Facebook announced Friday, June 4, that Donald Trump’s account is suspended for two years.

The exclusion of Donald Trump from social media continues. Facebook announced Friday, June 4, to suspend the former President of the  United States for two years.  The American company created by Mark Zuckerberg clarified that politicians would now be punished like other users when they violate the rules of the social network, especially in the event of disinformation. 

Donald Trump reacted strongly in a statement following this new Facebook sanction:  Facebook’s decision is an insult to the 75 million people, plus many more, who voted for us in the fraudulent presidential election of 2020 “.

According to Facebook, which had temporarily excluded him on January 7 for having encouraged his supporters during the attack on the  Capitol  in Washington on January 6,  Donald Trump will  only be able to return when “the risks to the safety of the public have disappeared”. For its part, Twitter had suspended and then deleted the profile of Donald Trump after the incidents at the Capitol.

Sanctions that can range from one month to two years of suspension

Following the events of January 6, Facebook created a new tailor-made rule with sanctions that can now range from one month to two years of suspension for public figures in the event of unrest and violence. In this context, repeat offenders can be banned for good. The California-based company said that “when we assess content in terms of importance to the news, we will not treat what politicians say differently from others.”

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