The United States and its borders soon open to Europeans?

As the country has been closed to non-Americans since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Biden is seeking “the best way to safely resume travel”.

The United States has formed working groups with Canada, Mexico, the European Union and the United Kingdom to prepare for the resumption of international travel, a State Department official announced on Tuesday (June 8).

“Realizing the importance of travel to our citizens and their families, and the critical role that trade relations and the transportation sector play in our economies,” the Biden administration seeks to “determine how best to resume travel in all safety ”, he added, in the face of Covid-19 .

These groups will include representatives from the State Department, US health authorities , and White House advisers. These working groups are to help “chart the way forward” to “resume international travel with our key partners when it is determined that it can be done safely,” the official added.

Biden’s first visit to Europe

Earlier on Tuesday, the United States relaxed its warning to travelers wishing to visit several countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Japan.

In all, nearly 60 countries which were hit by the maximum level 4 warning (“do not go there”) due to the health crisis are reduced to level 3 (”avoid going there if possible ”). This announcement comes on the eve of President Joe Biden’s visit to Europe, where he will notably participate in the G7 summit.

For its part, the European Union has decided to allow entry to American travelers vaccinated against Covid, but is asking for reciprocity from the United States, which still prohibits the arrival of non-Americans and non-residents from the United States. Schengen zone.

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