United States: outcry after spying on elected Democrats under Trump

Democrats and freedoms defenders sharply criticized the seizure by the government of Donald Trump of data from elected members of the United States Congress on Friday.

Democratic parliamentarians Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell were recently informed by Apple that the US Department of Justice under Donald Trump, in 2017 and 2018, demanded some of their data as part of an investigation into information leaks classified.

Members of the Intelligence Committee of  the House of Representatives , the two men were suspected of having communicated to journalists information related to the very sensitive investigation into the suspicions of collusion between Moscow and the entourage of Donald Trump , which poisoned everything the start of the term of the Republican president.

In the United States, leaking confidential information is illegal and federal prosecutors can issue search warrants to trace the source, but it does not appear that, so far, parliamentarians have ever been targeted by this type of attack. ‘investigation.

“Abuse of power”

Democrats and defenders of freedoms sharply criticized the seizure on Friday and called for reforming the executive’s “espionage powers”. “This is a crass abuse of power and an attack on the separation of powers, ” said Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer, summoning former justice ministers Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr to explain themselves to the judicial committee of the upper room.

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