Why Kamala Harris is attacked by Nina Simone’s granddaughter

RéAnna Simone Kelly published a long text on social networks where she accuses the American vice-president of having, among other things, intimidated her mother in court.

Kamala Harris, the vice president of the United States, is accused by the granddaughter of Nina Simone of having done everything to deprive the singer’s family of their rights. On Twitter, RéAnna Simone Kelly published a long message on June 19 explaining her “fight” against  Kamala Harris .

RéAnna Simone Kelly accuses Kamala Harris of having worked for her family to lose control of the singer’s works , when Kamala Harris was Attorney General of California, in 2016. “My family no longer manages their property ( from Nina Simone, editor’s note) , they took them away from us and handed them over to the whites. Our last name has been dragged through the mud by the media, we do not collect anything. Want to hold someone responsible? Ask  Kamala Harris  why she came to see my family and why she divided us “, thus writes the young woman.

“Ask him why also the legacy of my grandmother’s frozen now. Ask him why as a family we do not have any rights to this legacy. Ask her why she bullied my mèr e (Lisa Simone Kelly, editor’s note) in court which then almost committed suicide because of her depression, ”continues RéAnna Simone Kelly.

As reported by US media outlet  Fox News , a 2016 document regarding the Nina Simone Charitable Trust repeatedly referred to Kamala Harris for “her primary responsibility for overseeing charitable funds in California” as Attorney General of California.

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