United States: before CPAC, Trump continues to set course for 2024 presidential election

In front of a conquered floor, Donald Trump was the guest that everyone expected at the CPAC conference of American conservatives in Dallas. On the menu for the day: the fight against ”  cancel culture  ” and Donald Trump’s speech. 

In front of the Hilton hotel which hosts the CPAC conference, dozens of flags and red caps await the arrival of their champion. Like Gerry, who hopes to see Donald Trump: ” Of course we would like to attend, but you have to have a ticket to enter the conference, and it is completely beyond my means  “, explains- So it takes between $ 275 and $ 15,000 to afford a ticket.

Inside, those who were able to buy a ticket cheer on the former president, who repeats his old arguments and gives hope to his base. “  We will lead the Conservative movement and the Republican Party to victory again. Our movement has only just begun. We will take over the White House. Together we will make America powerful, and great again,  ”said the former US president.

But according to Grizzli Joe, who attended the conference and maintains an ultra-conservative blog, now is the time to prepare for the future. “  What is behind us is a thing of the past now. If he wants to show up in 2024, great, but if he doesn’t, OK. I’d see Noem and DeSantis show up together and I wouldn’t mind seeing her on the ticket as a presidential candidate. Why wouldn’t Republicans be the first to successfully elect a woman president? He says.

Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota and rising star of the Republican Party, received great applause at the convention. But it’s Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, who according to the CPAC exit poll, is seen in all tickets in 2024 with or without Donald Trump.
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