Tribune. Homeland Security: “This Bill Is A Sham Action On The Part Of The Government”

While the bill relating to criminal liability and internal security is being debated in the National Assembly, socialist deputies and local elected officials express their opposition to the text and present several proposals relating to the strengthening of resources, the close link with citizens and the appeasement of public space.

“The question of security is essential for the French: 86% of them assure that it will weigh in their vote in the presidential election of 2022 *. Only, at a time when Emmanuel MacronCloses the Beauvau of security, the latter is treated as an electoral issue by the government. After seven months of round tables, the Minister of the Interior was supposed to prepare a programming and orientation law for internal security, which could not ultimately be voted on within this five-year term. In the meantime, Emmanuel Macron deals with the conclusions of the Beauvau of security in the main axes of his campaign. The bill on criminal liability and internal security, instead of proposing a comprehensive reform in favor of strengthening the public security service, is a sham action by the government.

Mobilized on the issue of security, we, local elected officials and socialist deputies, demonstrate our attachment to the defense of citizens’ rights and freedoms. We support our law enforcement agencies, whose profession deserves consideration and support in its development. The major lack of this government and this text is to consider that security is the sole responsibility of the State and the police. However, today, it is an area which mobilizes a whole panel of actors; from the State with the national police, to the mayors with the municipal police.

Based on this will and the findings of our elected officials across the country, we are taking action to act on and strengthen the role of mayors, as major players in security in their territory. Our amendments will follow three main axes: the strengthening of resources, the proximity link with citizens and the appeasement of the public space.

The increase in resources and staff, as well as the training of police officers, would make it possible to strengthen the public security service. In this way, the work of the police would be fully at the service of the citizens, and the working conditions of the police would be improved. In fact, the statistics concerning the suicide rate in this occupation are particularly alarming. The managerial structure of the police deserves to be questioned, in particular to better consider the police and promote careers. Its governance must be rethought, in order to integrate local elected representatives, in permanent contact with local law enforcement agencies. This could be brought about by the uni fi cation of the command of the various police forces within

The fight against the feeling of insecurity, thanks to a more reactive police force more in touch with the needs of the population, must go through increased transparency. The receipt issued at the end of an identity check, advocated and defended by two Defenders of Rights in office, will allow more traceability. The IGPN, a necessary tool of control and transparency, must be placed under the aegis of an independent magistrate, so that investigations into the police are not marred by impartiality.

In this context, the appeasement of public space is now eagerly awaited by the population. This must translate into the effective fight against urban rodeos, whose direct intervention by law enforcement is currently impossible. We are therefore in favor of on-board drone cameras, because they allow the identi fi cation and questioning of the authors of these rodeos. On the other hand, video surveillance must remain a tool conducive to the situation; in the context of demonstrations – a fundamental right of our Republic – on-board cameras, which serve more repression than the maintenance of order, must not be used.

From the national to the local level, we speak out against this repressive text, which masks the fact that this work serves as an electoral program for Emmanuel Macron. Our law enforcement agencies need the means, the manpower and the need to restore trust with the citizens, not electoral manipulation. “

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