Kendall Jenner formalizes her relationship with basketball player Devin Booker

On Instagram, the model posted photos with her boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

For Valentine’s Day, Kendall Jenner has decided to reveal the identity of her boyfriend. On Instagram, the model has indeed published a photo photos in the company of Devin Booker, sharing a tender moment, and thus formalizing their romance. The photos were accompanied by “traditional” Valentine’s Day heart emojis.

As  US Magazine reports, Kendall Jenner (25) and Devin Booker (24) were first seen together for the first time last April. Last June, US Magazine confirmed that “Kendall and Devin are sleeping together, but their relationship is not serious”, before a source explains: “They take their time.” 

Another source told People  magazine  : ” What initially looked like a bad relationship has become so. They are exclusive and Kendall is really happy with Devin.” The basketball player, who plays in the NBA for The Phoenix Suns, was even invited to Kim Guardianship’s 40th birthday in Tahiti, last October. Devin Booker also posted a photo with  Kendall Jenner  for Valentine’s Day, where the couple take a nap in a garden.


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