How L’Equipe will broadcast the Super Bowl for the first time

For the first time, the channel L’Equipe will broadcast, in clear, the famous final of the American football championship, on the night of Sunday to Monday. With a goal, detailed by his boss Jérôme Saporito on Europe 1: “to beat the record” audience of TF1, which until then broadcast the Super Bowl. 

Fans of American football – or simply of US culture – have an appointment on the L’Equipe channel , on the night from Sunday to Monday. Between midnight and 6 am, it is indeed channel 21 of TNT which will broadcast the famous Super Bowl final for free, and not TF1, as in previous years. Guest of Culture Médias, on Europe 1, the boss of the TV pole of the Team , Jérôme Saporito, evokes the system put in place by the channel for this prestigious meeting which will pit the Kansas City Chiefs, defending champions, against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers .

Grégory Ascher, Djibril Cissé and Corentin Sellin 

“The sanitary conditions did not allow to go there, but we would have liked”, laments Jérôme Saporito. This American night will therefore be presented from Paris, by the host Grégory Ascher, “surrounded by Djibril Cissé, former football player and crazy about music, and Corentin Sellin, historian specializing in the United States and above all a fan of the NFL [the championship of American football, editor’s note ] “. 

In the comments, viewers will find the Franco-American journalist Peter Anderson and the consultant Anthony Mahoungou, one of the few French to have played in the NFL. And during the long advertising pages broadcast in the United States, the Team will offer slow replays of the best actions, but also “best-of” cult ads from previous years, created especially for this event across the Atlantic.

“Breaking records is part of our DNA”

Because the Super Bowl final attracts an average of a third of Americans, or 100 million people in front of their screens. And in France ? 400,000 people watched the game last year. The highest number of viewers – 530,000 – dates back to 2019. “We are in sport, so breaking records is part of our DNA”, admits Jérôme Saporito. “Especially this year, when everything comes together to make a crazy match.” 

And the boss of the chain the team to quote the duel between “the two best quarterbacks that exist”, Tom Brady, 43, of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Patrick Mahomes, 25, of the Chiefs of Kansas City. But also the famous halftime show, for which the organizers spent no less than $ 7 million, including The Weeknd, and probably surprise guests. “The Americans, on the show, they know how to do it.” 

Engaged in the NFL for three seasons, “for a reasonable price” of which Jérôme Saporito refuses to give the details, L’Equipe TV therefore hopes to achieve a winning shot. And to put the odds on its side, the channel has been accustoming its viewers to American football for some time now. “We bought a whole part of the season, with one game per week, broadcast first on digital, and then the play-offs.” Before the grand final, Sunday at midnight. 

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