Laurie Blouin crowned at the world championships

On the men’s side, Quebecer Maxence Parrot won the silver medal – Laurie Blouin clinched the second world title of her career by winning the Big Air gold medal in Aspen, Colorado on Tuesday.

In fifth place before setting off for his last jump, Blouin posted a score of 89.75 points to take the lead. 

With four competitors to come, her cumulative score of 177.75 points for her two best maneuvers held up. Blouin won gold in slopestyle at the 2017 worlds in Sierra Nevada, Spain.

“I’m really happy,” she said shortly after her winning jump. I was under pressure on my third jump, but you have to believe that it works well under pressure. It’s different from my first World Cup victory because it’s a different event. ”

Blouin said she was surprised to be on the top step of the podium.

“After my last jump, I thought I would finish second or third,” she said. I had no expectations. It’s even better this way. On my first jump, I bet on my hardest maneuver, but didn’t go big enough. On my second jump, I lack consistency on this thing. I managed to land my third. ”

Removed from the slopestyle final two days earlier, Blouin assures us that she had turned the page.

“I was not more stressed in Big Air because I had missed the final in slopestyle. I went over it and focused on the Big Air. As always, I was aiming for the podium, but I came here to have fun and to approach the World as a race like any other. ”

First after two rounds, New Zealander Synnott Zoi Sadowski finished one point behind. Blouin and Japanese Miyabi Onitsuka completed the podium with 174.75 points.

Laurie Blouin took the top step of the podium on Tuesday in Aspen, Colorado.

Money for Parrot

Maxence Parrot had a very good third jump, which allowed him to win the silver medal. Occupying 5th after two jumps, Parrot scored 88.75 points for his second maneuver, which saw him move up to second place with a cumulative score of 178.25 points. Only his compatriot Mark McMorris did better than him with a score of 179.25 to give Canada a brace. 

The bronze went to the Norwegian Marcus Kleveland (176.25 points) who won gold in slopestyle.

“My initial goal was to win gold, but I didn’t land my second jump,” said Parrot. On my third jump, several guys had fallen before me and I decided to go smarter to secure my place on the podium. It’s always fun to have a Canadian double and three medals if you count Laurie’s gold for women. Three out of six medals in Big Air shows that the Canadian team is very strong. “

After his victory in Austria in January, Parrot was only participating in his second competition of the year, he who missed the Laax World Cup in Switzerland and the X Games after contracting COVID-19. 

“Even though I didn’t cross my arms, I spent a month at home in Quebec and it was a different year. I’m glad the World Cup has taken place and that there will be three more competitions by the end of the year. I’m glad the season is ending on a high note. “

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