Olympic Games: basketball player Evan Fournier retards Blanquer in an open letter

The NBA player had already expressed his disagreement with the Minister of National Education on Twitter. He deplores the insufficient place given to sport in the school career, and considers that EPS alone cannot explain the French successes in team sports.

A failed communication coup for Jean-Michel Blanquer? The Minister of National Education quickly attributed the success of the French Olympians in handball (gold medalists  for women  and men), basketball (bronze for women, silver for the men’s team) and volleyball (men’s team). in gold) in Physical and Sports Education (EPS) courses given during the school course.

” The success of our teams illustrates the quality of the teaching of these sports at school “, he rejoiced in a tweet. A position immediately contradicted by several of the main stakeholders: the players. The back of the French men’s basketball team, Evan Fournier, had expressed his incomprehension vis-à-vis the words of the minister. The NBA player, on the other hand, denounced a ” disastrous ” sports culture at school (…) and rather praised the work of “sports associations”, “clubs” and “volunteers”.

Anxious to develop his argument, the best French scorer of the Olympics (28.2 points per game on average) addressed Jean-Michel Blanquer in an open letter published in the  Huffington Post . ” None of my teammates can today thank the National Education for allowing him to play basketball, ” he says.

Evan Fournier underlines several shortcomings, in his opinion, in the French educational offer in the field of sport: a “lack of budget”, an “inequality in access to sport between establishments”, and the number of weekly hours ” tiny “of sports practice.

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