Antonio Brown accused of having false proof of vaccination

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown is nowhere near this, but he was accused Thursday of acquiring a fake card ensuring he was vaccinated against COVID-19 .

This was reported by the Tampa Bay Times , which spoke with the former personal chef of NFL player Steven Ruiz. Brown allegedly asked his girlfriend, Cydney Moreau, to check with Ruiz to acquire a false vaccination passport, which he would have been prepared to pay $ 500.

Unsure of the vaccine’s possible side effects, Brown ultimately bought two bogus evidence on his own, according to Ruiz.

In the “Times” article, Moreau said he did not know his boyfriend’s former employee. Ruiz admitted to turning to the media to tell this story since Antonio Brown owed him $ 10,000.

In a statement sent to the Florida newspaper, Brown’s lawyer, Sean Burstyn, assured that his client had indeed been vaccinated. The Buccaneers claimed in writing that all vaccination cards had been reviewed by team staff and that no irregularities were observed.

Falsifying proof of vaccination is a federal crime in the United States. The NFL has confirmed for its part that it will review the charges.

This was revealed by his former chef, Steven Ruiz, who was allegedly contacted by the player’s girlfriend to provide him with this fake vaccination card against the sum of $ 500.

The chief could not provide him but Brown would have shown him a few weeks later his fake card which he had finally obtained. The story was revealed by Ruiz after he failed to recover a sum of $ 10,000 owed by the player.

After calling in a “fixer,” often used in Hollywood to deal with star-studded horrors, Ruiz finally decided to reveal this more than embarrassing story for the receiver, if true.

Antonio Brown appealed to his lawyer who immediately denied the situation and confirmed the player’s vaccination status. As a reminder, Brown had missed the 3rd day of the NFL season after being positive for Covid.

For the moment, the league has not launched any investigation with the receiver or the franchise of the Buccaneers, responsible for the vaccination status of its players. One thing is certain, this is only the beginning of a story that is certainly incredible.

A former Antonio Brown home chef accuses the Buccaneers receiver of obtaining a fake COVID-19 vaccination card last summer to dodge NFL protocols, the Tampa Bay Times reported Thursday.

Steven Ruiz provided texts to The Times which appeared to show a conversation between Ruiz and Brown’s girlfriend Cydney Moreau, asking if Ruiz could get a Johnson & Johnson vaccination card and Moreau saying in the post that Brown would pay $ 500 for one. . The reasoning behind Johnson & Johnson getting printed on the card was that it was all one shot and therefore wouldn’t need as much paperwork, Ruiz told The Times.

Ruiz said he was unable to get the card, but Brown then showed his boss that he got one for himself and Moreau before the Buccaneers’ training camp started. .

Brown’s attorney, Sean Burstyn, said in a response to the Times article that Brown is vaccinated.

“Antonio Brown appreciates the severity of the pandemic, which is why he received the vaccine and supports everyone who is advised to get the vaccine,” Burstyn told The Times. “The coronavirus struck near his home as it knocked him out of a game. He’s healthy, vaccinated, and ready to win another Super Bowl.

“One of the worst aspects of the pandemic has been a move to cast doubt on our country’s immunization programs with baseless and vindictive tabloid gossip. “

According to the Times report, Brown and Ruiz fell out because Brown owed him $ 10,000. The Times reported that Ruiz spoke publicly after the two sides failed to come to an agreement.

Burstyn called Ruiz on Nov. 8 to discuss a possible settlement, according to telephone logs the Times says has been provided. According to the Times information, Burstyn asked how much money Ruiz wanted, and Ruiz replied that he was only looking for what he claimed Brown owed him.
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